Player Card Series: The Tactical Genius of Coach Kelhälä


KaDy students will participate, as a representative of Finland, in the European Universities’ Futsal Championship held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia this summer (July 18th – 25th). During the period before the tournament, will satisfy the desires of the gossip-thirsty public by publishing an informative player card of every team member one by one. Stay online – any day can be a new player card day!

Previously published player cards:

3# Kerkko Huhtanen
6# Jukka Kytölä
17# Arash Muridiyazd
1# Riku Pelkonen
11# Mikko Kytölä
13# Mikko Takala


Tero Kelhälä

Anonymous peer review: “Never letting himself be carried away by such disturbing elements of human psyche as emotions, coach Kelhälä is always sure to formulate his tactical premises by relying exclusively on highly elaborate analytic reasoning. Extremely willing to develop as a coach.”


Date of birth: 2.12.1973.

Status: The head coach and the only non-student in the team.

Height/weight: 170cm/72kg.

Clubs as a coach: KaDy (2008- ), LPK (2006-08).

KaDy-name(s): Quelle’his, Q.

Strengths as a futsal coach?Cool-headed decision making in hectic games.

Interests outside futsal court? “Gym, football, racketlon.”

Mikko Takala asked you the following: "During the two years you’ve worked as KaDy’s coach, we’ve witnessed an enormous progress tactically, and, as a result, the team has attained great success. All this hasn’t been left unnoticed by the futsal-following public. How do you feel about the possibility of coaching the Finnish national team some day? Is it your goal or dream as a futsal-coach?” “Thank you for the compliment. As a patriotic person, I would be honored to work for my country, but I still consider that unlikely to happen, since there are talented options to lead the national team after the highly appreciated J.Pihlaja decides to retire. My goal is to gain a lot of tactical knowledge from the international games and, consequently, become a better coach year by year. I am looking forward to the high level tournament in Zagreb.”

What have you always wanted to know about a KaDy player but have been too afraid to ask him? "This one goes to Teemu Pulkkinen: You've played both futsal and football at the highest level possible in Finland. Your club in football was JJK, a Veikkausliiga club from Jyväskylä. I would like to hear your prediction on the final result of an imaginary futsal game between KaDy and JJK? Which current JJK players, in your opinion, would perform the best on futsal court?”



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