Player Card Series: The Sorrows of Young Jaakko Kinnunen


KaDy students will participate, as a representative of Finland, in the European Universities’ Futsal Championship held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia this summer (July 18th – 25th). During the period before the tournament, will satisfy the desires of the gossip-thirsty public by publishing an informative player card of every team member one by one. Stay online – any day can be a new player card day!

Previously published player cards:

3# Kerkko Huhtanen
6# Jukka Kytölä
17# Arash Muridiyazd
1# Riku Pelkonen
11# Mikko Kytölä
13# Mikko Takala
Tero Kelhälä (head coach)
8# Teemu Pulkkinen
2# Samu Kytölä


23# Jaakko Kinnunen

Anonymous peer review: “One of the best defending players in the team, Yakub Kinnunen is revealing his enormous potential as a futsal player slowly but steadily. Unfortunately, this sympathetic big-mouth from the notorious Savo region will most likely miss the tournament matches due to a serious knee injury. Thus, the poor man Jakub is probably forced to concentrate on one his interests outside futsal court (see below).”


Date of birth: 20.4.1986.

Status: A player.

Height/weight: 181cm/79kg.

Clubs: KaDy (2008- ).

Major subject: Philosophy (University of Jyväskylä).

KaDy-name(s): Yacub, Jakub.

Strengths as a futsal player? “Moments of clarity, when I see opportunities that no one else sees. And defending our own goal.”

Interests outside futsal court? "Basketball, soccer and partying.”

‘Smaug’ Kytölä posed you a question: “A couple of years ago you decided to change Faculty, forsaking studies of Physics in favour of Philosophy. A good decision - as you have often let us know. However, as many performances by KaDy athletes on the futsal court obviously defy The Laws of Physics (e.g. Argo Muridiyazd's acrobatic dribbles or Georg Huhtanen's astonishing perseverence at duels), do you ever regret that you now perhaps miss the theoretic-analytical apparatus to understand, explain and interpret such embodied "miracles"? So do you, perhaps, ever consider restarting Physics - even as a minor subject to support your Philosophy curriculum?” “That is an excellent question. It would be interesting to examine how it is possible that Georg Huhtanen appears to be an immovable object? Or is Jukka Kytölä really a perpetual motion machine? At some point, I think I will go back to Physics. It would help me to understand and appreciate the contribution these individuals bring into the game.”

What have you always wanted to know about Sami Eskonniemi, Jussi Kaihlajärvi or Kimmo Tolvanen but have been too afraid to ask him? "Sami ‘Eskis’ Eskonniemi, you are widely known for your green shorts and technique on the futsal court. I would like to know, why you don`t play football during the summer like most of the Kady-players?”



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