Player Card Series: 'Kimble' Tolvanen Does Not Play Dice


KaDy students will participate, as a representative of Finland, in the European Universities’ Futsal Championship held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia this summer (July 18th – 25th). During the period before the tournament, will satisfy the desires of the gossip-thirsty public by publishing an informative player card of every team member one by one. Stay online – any day can be a new player card day!

Previously published player cards:

3# Kerkko Huhtanen
6# Jukka Kytölä
17# Arash Muridiyazd
1# Riku Pelkonen
11# Mikko Kytölä
13# Mikko Takala
Tero Kelhälä (head coach)
8# Teemu Pulkkinen
2# Samu Kytölä
23# Jaakko Kinnunen
9# Sami Eskonniemi


7# Kimmo Tolvanen

Anonymous peer review: "One of the three newcomers, Kimble Tolvanen has been training rigorously for the tournament, and, consequently, he has absorbed Dynamo's tactical finesses with a pace never seen before. The KaDy-coaches are always given a moment to breathe freely whilst Kimble has the ball under his risk-eliminating left foot."


Date of birth: 14.12.1983.

Status: A player.

Height/weight: 180cm/75kg.

Clubs: LA-VE (2000-04, 2008), LPK (2004-07, 2009).

Major subject: Information technology (University of Jyväskylä).

KaDy-name(s): Kimble.

Strengths as a futsal player: "Versatility and left foot - which can also be a major minus."

Interests outside futsal court? "Movies, maybe football and, finally, hunting of course."

Sami Eskonniemi asked you the following: "The first time we met in futsal training you punched me in the face. Your left hook seemed to be in top form. Did you do a lot of boxing or any other similar sport before you ended up playing futsal?" "First of all, I have to apologize my improper behaviour towards Sami. I played ice hockey when I was younger, and sometimes I had to use my left hook to keep bad boys away from me."

What have you always wanted to know about Jussi Kaihlajärvi  but have been too afraid to ask him? "If I remember correctly, you used to be a sprinter (100m and 200m). Can you tell us what are the benefits you have gained from your running career considering futsal?"


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